Blissful Sex is Anything But Boring!

             I struggled with the name of my business for a little before settling on Wedding Night Bliss. Bliss was my first choice, but I thought people might hear bliss and think, “BORING!!!” But I started thinking about my life with my hub, babe, and pup, and the word that came to mind was bliss. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not perfect, but I’m blissfully happy. (I know, it’s disgusting, right??? haha) I felt the MOST blissful once we got married, and we were able to have all the sex! I thought to myself, “I want to help other women have what I have!” So, I followed my heart and settled with bliss. Sign up here to get emails from me, including sex tips and more!

Soooooo, enough of that mushy stuff! J Let’s get to THE SEX!!! The mission of Wedding Night Bliss is to help everyone have the most blissful wedding night, and transition into married sex possible. So what does blissful sex look like? Does is sound as boring as I feared? Here’s what I think some people picture blissful sex looking like. Imagine 2 extremely dull people, in missionary position, giving each other tiny pecks, all while smiling, as a tiny tear flows from the woman’s eye. After the sex, they both let out a soft simultaneous sigh and drift off gently to sleep. Haaaaaaaaa!!! I think I just described someone’s worst nightmare! For you engaged ladies who don't want your marriage to go down like this, follow me on my FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages. When you do, PLEASE make sure to say hi! I love to chit chat and get to know my followers!

I’ll be honest, I’m not opposed to sweet sex. There’s always a place for that between a husband and wife. But you shouldn’t be having this kind of sex all the time. I assume that you are trying to NOT get a divorce, right? Haha Well, most men need variety, and excitement! Shoot, women need excitement too!!! And sweet sex all the time is just not gonna cut it! So, yes while sweet sex is “blissful,” there’s a different side of bliss that I’d like to introduce you to. It’s a much hotter, much sexier side of bliss!
When I think of blissful sex, I think of really hot, sensual sex. You feel this sex all over your body, and into your soul. It sends tingles up your spine and all the way down to your toes. This sex is toe-curling. It’s back-arching, hair swinging sex. And it always makes me feel a little light-headed, like I’m in a dream. Sex where you’re intensely aware of what’s going on between you and your love, and nothing else. But even still, it’s all a little hazy, and floaty, and airy. The kind of sex that makes you feel like you can’t breath. You inhale and exhale, oh so deeply, yet still shallow breaths all at once. At this moment you and your husband truly are one flesh and as connected as humanly possible. And at the end… you realize that you have not the faintest idea of where those darn bra and panties could be. Haha Then, you really KNOCK OUT! Let me tell, that’s the best sleep you’ll ever have! J

Now THAT’S what I call blissful sex! When I’ve experienced that with my hub, it’s pure bliss! And the best part about that sex, is the feeling after. Because there’s completely no guilt. There’s no insecurity. There’s no regret. Just… bliss! If you’re a virgin you have no idea what I’m talking about yet. But even if you’ve had sex before, and now you’re celibate, you may not have experienced this kind of sex. The sexiness, and then the peace. If you’re engaged and want the bliss that I have with my hub, sign up for my email list, so I can help you out!

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Driana, The Blissful Wife

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If you’re a Christian couple practicing abstinence until your wedding night you’ve come to the right place. When it’s time to prepare for your Christian wedding and you look for premarital counseling, don’t forget to look for guidance and advice for your wedding night and transition into married sex. A Christian couple who practices abstinence until their wedding night is doing a great thing. And when the time comes for their Christian wedding, most look for premarital counseling, but forget about help for their wedding night and transition into married sex. So if you’re a Christian couple practicing abstinence until your wedding night, keep this in mind. When you get engaged and prepare for your Christian wedding, it’s very important to look for premarital counseling, as well as, help for your wedding night and transition into married sex. So remember! A Christian couple practicing abstinence until their wedding night has a lot to consider once they start planning their Christian wedding. Not only do they have to find premarital counseling, they have to find advice and guidance for their wedding night and their transition into married sex.


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