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10 Life Changing Lessons on Dealing With the Dis…

Don't Have Wedding Day Regrets!!!

Everyone wants the perfect wedding, right? Of course you do!!! But there are so many tiny things that can go wrong. A bunch of tiny problems that may not be a big deal on regular days, but they're a disaster on your wedding day.
The biggest complaints I hear from brides after their weddings are: 1. Hunger: Being so hungry the entire day, because there's no time to eat. Or not getting any time to eat the food you spent hours picking out, because again, there's just no time. Sometimes resulting in crankiness, feeling dizzy/sick all day, or even fainting. Eek! 2. Stress: Getting so stressed out, because everyone keeps asking you a million questions. Questions that should be directed to the wedding planner. Or being stressed out by people telling you all the tiny problems that arise during the day. These problems will eventually get sorted out, but each time you find out about one, it feels like your wedding's falling apart. 3. Not Soaking in the Day: Getting so busy…