Don't Have Wedding Day Regrets!!!

          Everyone wants the perfect wedding, right? Of course you do!!! But there are so many tiny things that can go wrong. A bunch of tiny problems that may not be a big deal on regular days, but they're a disaster on your wedding day.

          The biggest complaints I hear from brides after their weddings are:
          1. Hunger: Being so hungry the entire day, because there's no time to eat. Or not getting any time to eat the food you spent hours picking out, because again, there's just no time. Sometimes resulting in crankiness, feeling dizzy/sick all day, or even fainting. Eek!
          2. Stress: Getting so stressed out, because everyone keeps asking you a million questions. Questions that should be directed to the wedding planner. Or being stressed out by people telling you all the tiny problems that arise during the day. These problems will eventually get sorted out, but each time you find out about one, it feels like your wedding's falling apart.
          3. Not Soaking in the Day: Getting so busy with all the little tasks of the wedding day (that someone else should be doing, but somehow you get caught up in doing them) that the day completely flies by, and it all feels like a blur.
          4. Not Enjoying Your Day Letting all the stress get to you, turning you into a Bridezilla. You may feel like you're allowed to be a Bridezilla on your wedding day, but  that day is supposed to be filled with love. You don't want to look back and remember how angry, annoyed or bratty you were. You want to have good memories of the day.

          And trust me, there's many more where that came from. The point of this eBook isn't to teach you self-help tricks to lower your stress levels. It's to help you let others help you, so you’re not so bogged down with tasks and responsibilities. So you're free to just be the bride! But there may be things you never thought you'd need help with, so just sign up for the FREE eBook already! lol
          Your wedding day should commemorate the start of the greatest adventure of your life. Don’t ruin your memories of that special day with stress and hunger. Don't have wedding day regrets! Have the best wedding day possible! 

FREE 15-page eBook
10 Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Disasters
Easy-to-read, Outline format
Includes "Wedding Day Assignments" Template

What You Learn:
·       1.. How To Have Time to Actually Eat the Food You Meticulously Picked Out 
·         2.. How To Not Lose Anything Important
·        3.  How To Not Stress Over Little (or Big) Problems
·        4.  How To Not Spend All Your Time With Guests Instead of Hub
·         5. How To Make Sure Your New Hub Doesn’t Get Stuck With Guests Instead of You
·        6.  How To Make Sure Your Guests Participate
·         7. Talking To Your Bridesmaids Ahead of Time
·        8.  In Case You’re a Virgin or Abstinent Bride
·        9.  Enjoying Yourself, No Matter What!
·        10.  Accepting That Things Will Go Wrong

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