Wedding Night Bliss eBook

Prepare Your Mind and Body BEFORE the Wedding Night! From a biblical perspective.
(This is needed by both Virgin AND Abstinent Brides. But if you're an Abstinent Bride, visit this link, because I have a special eBook with this info plus more, just for you. )

·         7 Actual Exercises to Do to Avoid Guilt and Shame
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What You Learn:
1.      How to study in a way that it doesn't make you feel guilty
2.      What to do every day at least 6 months before the wedding
3.      Specific scriptures that pertain to sex
4.      How to spend time with God to aid in the process of getting ready for the Wedding Night
5.      Specific exercises to help you learn to relax and enjoy sex. (No new-age techniques. Nothing crazy. Lol)
6.      How to get over being uncomfortable while being naked.
7.      How to deal with body issues.

      Why would you feel guilt or shame?
Did you know that it's possible to feel guilty for having sex with your own hub? Did you know it's possible to even feel ashamed? Well, it's something that is common in the Christian community among newly married women. And even women who aren't newlyweds anymore. The simple reason for this is because it's difficult for your brain to transition from "I can't have sex!" to "I can have sex!" For some women the transition is easy, for some the transition happens over a couple of months, and for some women there is a constant struggle to feel emotionally comfortable having sex.

Here’s how to avoid the guilt and shame.

Well, I have an easy solution for you. Get my Wedding Night Bliss eBook. It gives you 7 Ways to Avoid Guilt and Shame. This isn't vague information. I won't just tell you, "Get Comfortable with Your Naked Body." I tell you exactly how to get comfortable with your body. I was a virgin when I got married, so I know all about the struggles. I used my experience, plus countless hours of research to figure this out. Because I enjoy marriage and being a wife so much! And I want others to have that joy in their marriage, too. But you can't have that if your sex life sucks. PLUS, it can actually affect marriage, to the point of divorce.

Who it’s for:

1. Women who are currently engaged while practicing abstinence until their wedding night.
2. Women who are afraid you won’t know what to do on your Wedding Night.
3. Women who are nervous about transitioning from Sweet Virgin Bride to Married Sex Vixen.
4. Women who learn best by specific instruction, not trial-and-error.
5. Women who learn best by trial-and-error, but want direction to know where to begin.
6. Women who don’t want to leave the success of their married sex-life up to chance.

Why you need this eBook:

1. Most Premarital Counseling doesn’t spend a lot of time on the topic of sex. Can you believe it???
2. You’d be surprised at the large amount of Virgin Brides who have had trouble transitioning into married sex. And the problems aren’t only physical, they’re mental and emotional, too. Having great, emotionally-fulfilling sex may not seem like it can make or break your marriage, but it can. Many marriages have failed, because of this reason. 
3. You can spend time finding this information yourself, or you can take advantage of the time I already spent.
a. Even if you look for the information yourself, you may not know what to look for.
b. Searching online for sex-related information can get a little risqué. Lol
4. Friends’ and family’s advice tends to either be quite vague or completely over-the-top. (For example, “Don’t worry. It will all just happen naturally!” Or, “Buy some handcuffs, and get drunk.”)
5. I give practical, easy to follow, direct advice. Nothing sugar-coated, but still very tasteful. And everything from a CHRISTIAN perspective.
6. It’s an easy read, with lots of important information. It’s very conversational, and down-to-earth! You’ll love it!


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