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The Happy... Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year!

Happy New Year, Blissies! I'm giving my official New Year greeting today because I took a tiny break from posting and writing to enjoy the holidays, enjoy hub's early schedule and to take some time to get Wedding Night Bliss' duck in a row. But now, it's back to business, it's official. Happy New Year! I wanted to take a moment and reflect on last year, like we all tend to do. (I know, so not original!) But I think it's important, so I'll follow the herd this time. :)

Last year was a difficult year for me and my little family. After a rough 2nd half of 2011, I was looking forward to a better year, but 2012 wasn’t quite what I expected. It was a year of struggle for us. Constant struggle is exhausting, and I was definitely exhausted last year. But as in any trial, there's always a lesson. A bunch of lessons, in my case! :) But before I talk about the lessons, I want to say that I'm still, and always have been so so grateful! In 2011 we overcame great…