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In Honor of Newtown, A Prayer of Protection

In light of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut I thought it would be appropriate to post something in honor of the poor innocent children, and adults who lost their lives. But I am at a loss for words. This level of evil is too much for me to contemplate. So instead of trying to write something that will bring peace to those families, which I know is impossible, I will do what I’ve always done during times of great pain. I turn to God.
The one thing I know in the midst of this pain is that God did not do this. He is a God of love, peace, and compassion. In the absence of God, evil is able to roam. May we, as a nation, recognize our need for God. May we turn our ways around and put Him back in our schools. May He be the cornerstone of the United States of America again, as He once was.
And now, a prayer of peace, Psalm 91. Pray this over your family, friends and especially, your children.

Psalm 91
1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the s…

Hub's Sweet 12/12/12 Suprise!

Today, (December 12th) when I was at home with my little girl and the hub was at work, I got a Facebook notification that I was tagged in my hub’s post. I was so pleasantly surprised at when I saw, “12 Reasons Why I Love My Wife on 12-12-12.” I mean, how sweet of him! After 4 years of marriage, and a 1-year-old later he still thinks to do romantic stuff like this! I decided to share because I’m so honored, and grateful that he’d do this. And of course, I want to brag on my man a little! Haha. Here it is! Join my email listif you’re hub, or fiance is a sweety-pie too!
12 Reasons Why I Love My Wife on 12-12-12 (in no special order)
1.She loves and forgives me of my flaws. 2.She's a God fearing woman. 3.Family is important to her. 4.She knows how to take care of her husband in ALL area. (Did you catch the ALL, ladies? I wonder what he means by that??? Hehe) 5.She’s a great cook. 6.She's the mother of my child and a great mother. 7.She's funnier then I let her believe. 8.She's beaut…

The Myth of the Virgin Bride: Guest Blog for DA Weddings

Hello my Blissful Brides! And of course, hello to my Blissful Singles, the Blissfully Taken, and the Blissful Sex Vixens (the marrieds).

I’m thrilled to announce that I was asked to guest blog on a great wedding planning site called, DA Weddings. This site, founded by Dominque Mondesir, has tons of wedding planning information, for brides and planners, alike! And if you’re stumped on what the theme of your wedding will be, take a gander at DA Weddings! It’s chalk-full of wedding themes to give you the inspiration you need to get started. And just recently, DA Weddings started offering something I’m very excited about. Now, you can purchase your very own, personalized wedding theme! Email me at if you have questions about DA Weddings!
The post I wrote is called, “The Myth of the Virgin Bride.” Do they really exist? Go to to find out! (And it of course applies to Abstinent Brides, as well!) Come tell me what you thought of the post at …

My Life Has Been Changed!!!

This passed weekend I took a FREE online business class at the website Creative Live is a website geared towards photographers that offers free live online workshops taught by world class experts. Let me just say, this site is PHENOMENAL!!! I found this site by accident about a month ago, and was immediately hooked! And in case you were wondering, no I’m not a photographer! Ha! The information, and wisdom that is given through this site crosses all boundaries. They may be talking about photography businesses, but I’m using everything they say and applying it to Wedding Night Bliss. Email me at if you’re a small business owner too! Say hi! J
Well, this weekend was my second, LIFE CHANGING class I took with them. That’s TWICE within 1 month!!! My hub can attest to how I’ve, all of a sudden, been kick-started into taking more action with WNB. (He even asked if I was starting a photography business because I’ve been watching Creative Live so m…

Blissful Sex is Anything But Boring!

I struggled with the name of my business for a little before settling on Wedding Night Bliss. Bliss was my first choice, but I thought people might hear bliss and think, “BORING!!!” But I started thinking about my life with my hub, babe, and pup, and the word that came to mind was bliss. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not perfect, but I’m blissfully happy. (I know, it’s disgusting, right??? haha) I felt the MOST blissful once we got married, and we were able to have all the sex! I thought to myself, “I want to help other women have what I have!” So, I followed my heart and settled with bliss. Sign up here to get emails from me, including sex tips and more!

Soooooo, enough of that mushy stuff! J Let’s get to THE SEX!!! The mission of Wedding Night Bliss is to help everyone have the most blissful wedding night, and transition into married sex possible. So what does blissful sex look like? Does is sound as boring as I feared? Here’s what I think some people picture blissful sex lo…