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Learn How to Have A Blissful Wedding Night with the Wedding Night Survival Guide!

 Wedding Night Survival Guide $9.99Buy it Here!*Have a Pain-Free Wedding Night! *Get Rid of the Nerves, and Get Peace of Mind! *Make Sure Both You and Hub Enjoy Your Wedding Night!* Did I mention, it's under $10???(Mostly for Virgin Brides. If you're an Abstinent Bride, but not a virgin, and don't need instruction on how to have good sex, visit this page for a better option for you: )
*20 Page eBook
*Straight-Forward, not Sugar-Coated*Easy-to-read, Outline format *Access to Private Facebook Group to ask me any questions* Written by a Christian Wife, who was a Virgin Bride on her Wedding Day
Are you afraid to have sex for the first time on your wedding night? Are you wondering if it's going to hurt? Are you wondering who to ask about this? Your mom, your first lady? Eek! Are you too busy with wedding planning (and school, and work, and ministry, and tending to your relationships with your fiance, family, and friends) to search through a bun…