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12 Things You Need for Your Honeymoon

Yay! You're planning a wedding, and honeymoon! Traveling can be stressful, but check out these items to help make your trip go seamlessly!

5. Selfie Stick
You're in a different country, looking like the tourists you are. Are you really going to hand your camera or phone over to a stranger and for them to take a picture of you? Better be safe, and bring a selfie stick. You can take pictures of you and your new hub, and still get that exotic background in the picture, too.

6. Underwater Phone Pouch
This thing is awesome. Put your phone inside, and take it with you in the pool, or while jet skiing. And don't miss out on getting those gorgeous pictures. Your phone is still fully functional!

7. Phone Camera Lens
I'd love to buy a nice expensive camera to take amazing pictures. But they're so expensive! Get this lens and upgrade your pictures. Plus, it's easier to carry around than a big, bulky camera. And less obvious for those sneaky pick-pockets.

8. Hooded Travel…

Abstinent Wedding Night Bliss eBook

Abstinence Special $9.99
Wedding Night Bliss eBook + Parts of the Wedding Night Survival Guide For brides who are practicing abstinence until their wedding night, but aren’t virgins. (If you're a Virgin Bride, visit these 2 links instead: and )

·The Full Wedding Night Bliss eBook (ALL of the Guilt and Shame Information) ·Plus, the most helpful parts of the Wedding Night Survival Guide ·New! Access to the Private Facebook Group ·For Abstinent Brides
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                   All of the                                          Parts of the       Wedding Night Bliss eBook    +    Wedding Night Survival Guide =           Abstinence Special

Why You Need the Wedding Night Bliss eBook: 1.To prepare your mind and emotions for this new chapter in your life. 2.Even if you’ve had sex before, you could still experience emotional issues once you start having sex again. 3.There’s a spiritual difference between having unmarried sex, …

Wedding Night Bliss eBook

WeddingNight Bliss eBook $4.99 Prepare Your Mind and Body BEFORE the Wedding Night! From a biblical perspective. (This is needed by both Virgin AND Abstinent Brides. But if you're an Abstinent Bride, visit this link, because I have a special eBook with this info plus more, just for you. )

·7 Actual Exercises to Do to Avoid Guilt and Shame ·NEW!Access to the Private Facebook Group
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What You Learn: 1.How to study in a way that it doesn't make you feel guilty 2.What to do every day at least 6 months before the wedding 3.Specific scriptures that pertain to sex 4.How to spend time with God to aid in the process of getting ready for the Wedding Night 5.Specific exercises to help you learn to relax and enjoy sex. (No new-age techniques. Nothing crazy. Lol) 6.How to get over being uncomfortable while being naked.

What To Expect On Your Christian Wedding Night

Don't Get Married Without This Info Abstinence Doesn’t Always Guarantee Great Sex *gasp* I know! I have lived my life as a goody-goody, complete with waiting until I was married to have sex. Crazy, right! Some people would consider it to be a boring life, but fortunately for me, my life as the little goody-goody, virgin gal turned out quite well. (I’d like to take this time to apologize to my Mom and Dad for the next sentence. More so, to my Dad. lol) Even though I was a virgin bride, me and hubs’ sex has always been pretty hot! And it still is, even after baby! Now, for all the Christians that are reading this, I know what you’re thinking. “Of course, you have a blessed sex life. You did it the right way, and God will always bless that!” I agree that God blesses marriage and the marital bed, but most of the time that blessing doesn’t come in the form of sex tips! As a matter of fact, most of the time there are some major sex problems when goody-goody, virgin gals finally make it to…

For Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

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While you’re waiting, go ahead and browse through these Wedding Day Essentials (for your Wedding Day Emergency Kit) that: 1.You may not have realized you need. 2.They may be hard to find in regular stores. 3.You may be a little embarrassed to buy in-person.
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Hollywood Fashion Secrets No-Show Nipple Concealers $9.16                 Get a pack or 2 for you and your bridesmaids so no one will offend Aunt Margaret with their headlights! Lol These are disposable, so you can just throw them away when you’re done. Perfect for the Wedding Da…

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