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So How Does This Sex Thing Work, Anyway? (Why I Created WNB Part 2)

I am a living testimony that saving yourself for marriage can be done. And contrary to popular belief, it is really a great idea. But there are some hidden roadblocks that can arise for the virgin bride that no one talks about. (Except for me! I’m giving you all the hot gossip!) In my last post I talked about how sex is a huge psychological adjustment for some people. Even though you may know, intellectually, that you’re allowed to have sex, it takes your brain a while to process it. So, there can be lots of feelings of guilt involved. Bummer, right? Well, keep reading! Sign up for my email list, if you're engaged and getting ready to have the S-E-X!
Another common problem that virgin brides have is this: The goody-goodies just don’t know what to do! Haha! Lots of people loose their virginity in high school. That means they get all their awkward, horrible sex out of the way when they’re young. By the time they’re in their twenties, they’ve learned a thing or two. But when you’re ve…