So How Does This Sex Thing Work, Anyway? (Why I Created WNB Part 2)

I am a living testimony that saving yourself for marriage can be done. And contrary to popular belief, it is really a great idea. But there are some hidden roadblocks that can arise for the virgin bride that no one talks about. (Except for me! I’m giving you all the hot gossip!) In my last post I talked about how sex is a huge psychological adjustment for some people. Even though you may know, intellectually, that you’re allowed to have sex, it takes your brain a while to process it. So, there can be lots of feelings of guilt involved. Bummer, right? Well, keep reading! Sign up for my email list, if you're engaged and getting ready to have the S-E-X!
                Another common problem that virgin brides have is this: The goody-goodies just don’t know what to do! Haha! Lots of people loose their virginity in high school. That means they get all their awkward, horrible sex out of the way when they’re young. By the time they’re in their twenties, they’ve learned a thing or two. But when you’re very first time having sex is your wedding night, you’ve got some things you need to learn. And here’s the thing: You need to know a little more about sex than the basics that you learned in 9th grade biology for it to be really good. But because they’re so busy avoiding sex all together, they don’t know much else. As a result of this super basic knowledge, lots of people are having boring, passionless sex lives. This is definitely bad for a new marriage and can really tear a marriage apart.

                For someone to make the beautiful choice of abstinence, only to have problems in their sex life afterwards is just unfair. Others may use this as a reason why abstinence is not a great choice. But I know differently. You just have to prepare yourself. Remember the scripture, “My people perish for their lack of knowledge.” I believe God means that for all areas of our lives; spiritual, financial, marital, sexual, etc. Your engagement is your time to prepare to be a wife. Well, being willing, capable, and excited to have GREAT sex is part of being a good wife. I have to emphasize how many people are really having problems like these. People just are not talking about it because it can be embarrassing, especially if you think you’re the only couple who’s experienced this stuff. The other reason is because people just don’t know who to talk to about it. I mean really, who are you going to ask about your pending sex life? Can you imagine, “Hey Mom, do you have any sex tips for me and Johnny on our wedding night?” Haha For more information on how to prepare for marriage, whether you're single or engaged, follow me on my FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages. When you do, PLEASE make sure to say hi! I love to chit chat and get to know my followers!

I know it can be uncomfortable, but we can’t continue to allow young couples who are “doing it the right way” to walk blindly into problems that can be foreseen and solved ahead of time. There are couples who slip seamlessly into their new sex life, but most couples do encounter some type of problem. You never know which you will be!

So what’s the solution? Me, of course! With my 6, 1-hr online classes I’m going to teach these gals what they need to know. (6 classes may seem like a lot, but trust me, there’s a lot to talk about! And who gets tired of talking about sex, anyway! Haha) OR click here, and order my eBook, The Wedding Night Survival Guide, for under $10. It's just the basic information you need to have a blissful wedding night. In my classes, we empower you with Practical, Step-by-Step knowledge that will ease your nervousness, and teach you how to tackle any physical and emotional issues. We also give you practical techniques and exercises on how to perform and enjoy married sex, even after the newness of marriage dies down. Lastly, but most importantly, we bring in the spirit of God by doing worship and prayer throughout the class, to train your body and spirit to know that this is blessed by God.

Here are SOME of the topics that need some discussing: Here are SOME of the topics that need some discussing: *EVERYTHING you need to know to have the most blissful wedding night possible, *training your brain and spirit to be comfortable with being a Godly, modest, goody-goody, while still being a sexy, hot, married-sex-having, wife, *how to sections on: foreplay, positions, and reaching orgasm, * preventing and tackling the negative emotions (and others) that I talked about here *practical exercises on: getting over nervousness, having sex when you’re too busy, having sex when you’re exhausted, overcoming body image, being comfortable being holy AND sexual, *respectfully telling hub you don’t like something in bed without hurting his ego, * getting hub to do what you like in bed without him even knowing it, *learning to own your own sex life, and be empowered by your God-given sexuality, while still letting hub feel like he’s the man, *and easy ways to fulfill that vague assignment to Keep it Spicy!

Why not give your sex life the best possible chance? Your husband will thank you! And you’ll thank me! Plus, my classes are fun, and sassy. God did create sex for our enjoyment, after all. (Go ahead and read Song of Solomon if you disagree. *wink, wink*)

So there you have it! Let me help you prepare. Let me help you be the Married Sex Vixen that I know you can be and help you have the most blissful wedding night possible.
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Driana, The Blissful Wife

**If you're a Christian single or in a Christian dating relationship, striving for abstinence until marriage, please sign up for my email list. Only 4% of adults are abstinent. That means that you probably won't make it! You have to do something more than just going to church every Sunday to make it to the altar a virgin or abstinent. I made it, and I want to help you!**

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If you’re a Christian couple practicing abstinence until your wedding night you’ve come to the right place. When it’s time to prepare for your Christian wedding and you look for premarital counseling, don’t forget to look for guidance and advice for your wedding night and transition into married sex. A Christian couple who practices abstinence until their wedding night is doing a great thing. And when the time comes for their Christian wedding, most look for premarital counseling, but forget about help for their wedding night and transition into married sex. So if you’re a Christian couple practicing abstinence until your wedding night, keep this in mind. When you get engaged and prepare for your Christian wedding, it’s very important to look for premarital counseling, as well as, help for your wedding night and transition into married sex. So remember! A Christian couple practicing abstinence until their wedding night has a lot to consider once they start planning their Christian wedding. Not only do they have to find premarital counseling, they have to find advice and guidance for their wedding night and their transition into married sex.


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