What To Expect On Your Christian Wedding Night

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Abstinence Doesn’t Always Guarantee Great Sex *gasp* I know!
          I have lived my life as a goody-goody, complete with waiting until I was married to have sex. Crazy, right! Some people would consider it to be a boring life, but fortunately for me, my life as the little goody-goody, virgin gal turned out quite well. (I’d like to take this time to apologize to my Mom and Dad for the next sentence. More so, to my Dad. lol) Even though I was a virgin bride, me and hubs’ sex has always been pretty hot! And it still is, even after baby! Now, for all the Christians that are reading this, I know what you’re thinking. “Of course, you have a blessed sex life. You did it the right way, and God will always bless that!” I agree that God blesses marriage and the marital bed, but most of the time that blessing doesn’t come in the form of sex tips! As a matter of fact, most of the time there are some major sex problems when goody-goody, virgin gals finally make it to the altar. Before you clench your pearls, and scream, “Do not blaspheme abstinence!” let me explain myself. 

“I Do” Isn’t Always Enough Time to Transition Into Married Sex
          When you’re getting married, there is one split second in which your whole life changes. You’re standing at the altar, in front of your friends, family, and God. At the prompting of the pastor you say those 2 little words, “I do!” and in that very instant, like a crazy magic trick, Presto Change-o!, you’re a wife! And remember two seconds ago, when you weren’t allowed to have sex? Well now you are! So hop to it! Sounds exciting and perfect, right? Not always.

To be continued... (*evil laugh*)

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About the FREE Men's Wedding Night Survival Guide

          It’s important that guys learn about having sex with a woman who’s been practicing abstinence. (Or who’s never had sex.) Even if he’s not a virgin, it’s totally different having sex with someone who hasn’t had sex in a while (or ever). Trust me, your vagina will thank me! Just sign up here!

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Why You Need This Info:
1.                  You’d be surprised at the large amount of Virgin Brides who have had trouble transitioning into married sex. And the problems aren’t only physical, they’re mental and emotional, too. (I’m talking feeling guilty even though you’re allowed to have sex, and even crying after sex. Eek!) Having great, emotionally-fulfilling sex may not seem like it can make or break your marriage, but it can. Many marriages have failed, because of this reason. Not at all trying to scare you. I just want you to know the importance of this info.
2.                  Most Premarital Counseling classes hardly spend any time talking about sex. Can you believe it??? And if they do, there’s no instruction on the actual act. It’s more about the spiritual side of things. (Which is good, but it still leaves lots of questions on what to actually do.)
3.                  You can spend time researching this information yourself, or you can take advantage of the time I already spent.
a.                  Even if you look for the information yourself, you may not know what to look for.
b.                  Searching online for sex-related information can get a little risqué. Lol
4.                  You need to know what the possible issues could be, so that you know how to avoid them. Or at least, you’re ready for them when they arise.

Who it’s for:
1.                  Women who are currently engaged while practicing abstinence until their wedding night.
2.                  Women who are afraid you won’t know what to do on your Wedding Night.
3.                  Women who are nervous about transitioning from Sweet Virgin Bride to Married Sex Vixen. J

4.                  Women who don’t want to leave the success of their married sex-life up to chance.

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