The Happy... Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year!

Happy New Year, Blissies! I'm giving my official New Year greeting today because I took a tiny break from posting and writing to enjoy the holidays, enjoy hub's early schedule and to take some time to get Wedding Night Bliss' duck in a row. But now, it's back to business, it's official. Happy New Year! I wanted to take a moment and reflect on last year, like we all tend to do. (I know, so not original!) But I think it's important, so I'll follow the herd this time. :)

Last year was a difficult year for me and my little family. After a rough 2nd half of 2011, I was looking forward to a better year, but 2012 wasn’t quite what I expected. It was a year of struggle for us. Constant struggle is exhausting, and I was definitely exhausted last year. But as in any trial, there's always a lesson. A bunch of lessons, in my case! :) But before I talk about the lessons, I want to say that I'm still, and always have been so so grateful! In 2011 we overcame great odds. We could have had a premature baby after a car accident. But God prevailed! And I gave birth to the healthy, joyful, hilarious, and adorable baby girl who you guys hear about all the time! (And no, she didn’t come prematurely.) I would absolutely go through it all again because her light shines so bright, I know she has a great purpose on this earth! And although this year was tough, I was able to see through it all, that I remained happy and full of joy. I also realized that I’m already living many of my dreams. I have the most amazing hub (he's so great, I need I do a separate post just to tell it all), and I'm a mommy. I've dreamt of those things since I was a little girl, and they came true! So although I still have lots of dreams, I can enjoy the dreams that have already come true.

So here's what I learned this year. Some of these things were things I already knew, but they were just confirmed and became more real to me. Some of these things I knew, but now experienced them, which makes you understand it that much more.

1. I am STRONG! I have a reputation of sort of being a wimp, (haha) but after becoming a mommy, the inner warrior and lioness came out of me. (They've made brief appearances in my life before, but never like this!) And after going through this trying year, I realized that not everyone would be able to go through this. Others may have kicked and screamed the entire year (there was a little of that, too. Lol), fallen into depression, neglected their husband and child, had an attitude all the time, and turned away from God. I'm not saying I'm perfect. There were tons of tears, and plenty of breakdowns. I have some days where I was really down, but I always got back up because something inside me just wouldn't let me give up.

2. My marriage is strong! In #1 I said some people may not have been to go through what I went through. But here I'm saying MOST marriages would have been strained, almost to its breaking point after our year. But I speak from the heart, and tell you in complete truth that we have, not once, blamed each other for our struggles. We've not once turned on each other because of the stress. We've not once lost sight of our real, Godly love for each other. If I'm grateful for anything, it's this. Don’t get me wrong, we’re normal. We argue about other stuff! Haha When you get married, you try to make the best decision in choosing your mate. But you never really know if he's all you think he is until you are married, and actually living out your marriage. But I can PROUDLY say, "I chose well!" He’s in it for the long haul, and dedicated to making our marriage as “blissful” as possible!

3. My family is awesome! My parents, Richard's parents, our siblings, and our close friends have just been our saving grace this past year. They've given and given. They've bent over backwards. They've gone out of their way more times than I can count. I can't wait for the day when we can give back to them, but in reality we'll never be able to repay them.

4. Our home is filled with love, laughter, and joy. I don't think we've gone one day without a good belly laugh. Through it all, we've kept our joy. And even on the gloomiest of days, we could still squeeze out a little joke. Lol

5. God is still loving. God is still God. Although the breakthrough that I'm looking for hasn't yet come, I can still feel God's presence in our lives, daily. I know he hasn't left me, or forgotten me. And on days when I've doubted, He always sends a word of encouragement. And He always does little things to show me He cares.

So now that 2013 is hear, I’m ready. But just because 2012 was tough, I don't want to shut the door on it, never to think about it again. I want to remember it, because it was a hard year, but overall, it was a happy year. I got to spend an infinite amount of time with my hub and babe and pup, (which is really all I ever want to do.) And I never got sick of it. So instead of saying it was a hard year, I'll say it was a happy year! Now that it's 2013, I can't say I'm excited. Excitement is not the right word, but I feel strong, stronger than I felt at the beginning of last year. I’m confident in God, more confident in his goodness and faithfulness. I'm peaceful, and expectant, and ready to work. And this year, I have a plan!
So with my plan and God, I think we're on track to have another happy year. (Hopefully, a better "happy" year! Haha)

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