Where To Get Help With Abstinence: Conferences, Life Groups, and Books

          In the last couple of months I’ve run across a couple of resources that I would’ve liked if I were still abstinent. So, I thought I’d pass them along to you. In my latest video, I talk about the importance of getting help, in your abstinence path. (Lest, you become one of the 96% of Americans that aren’t abstinent.) Obviously, loads of those people don’t want to be abstinent in the first place, but I know some of those people did want to be, but they failed. *sad face emoji*

          A couple of conferences that I’ve heard of are the Pinky Promise Conference for Christian Singles, and the Pursuit Conference by Focus on the Family. The first conference is led by Cornelius and Heather Lindsey. If you are trying to be abstinent, and you don’t know about them, you need to! First of all, they’re adorbs, and a very attractive couple. Second, their relationship story is SO GOOD! Both sexually active in the past, then saved their first kiss together for their wedding d
ay. And they’re not corny, at all! The second conference is also great! Focus on the Family has such good, consistent marriage and abstinence advice. Their conference is sure to put some fire in those bones. My best friend is planning to attend this year, also.

          Next, I would recommend life groups. The Pinky Promise organization that I talked about earlier has movement groups all across America. Click here to find out how to join one. To be abstinent, it’s so important to have like-minded women who you can use as support and encouragement. If you don’t find a group near you, plenty of churches have life groups. Look up one in your area, or maybe your church already has life groups.

          One book that I’ve known about for a super long time is by the late Myles Monroe, “The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage.” When you have a deeper understanding as to why God created sex, love, and marriage it’s so much harder to abuse it. When you understand the gravity of the meaning of it all, you can’t just say, “It’s not a big deal. It’s stress relief. I don’t need to be married.” ( I mean, it is stress relief, but it’s not worth all the other spiritual repercussions to get stress relief from someone who isn’t your spouse.) It will really blow your mind. You’ll realize how insignificant you being horny (excuse my language) is, in the grand scheme of God’s plan.

          If you’re struggling, please get help! Research one of these options. It’s so important to get help, if you’re going to make it. Even if you’re not struggling, it’s best to stay ahead of things. Start doing this stuff BEFORE you start really struggling. It will help you not struggle as much, in the long run.


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