My Bad Attitude Made Me Loose The Argument

          Get excited, because I’m about to give you an inside look into my marriage. Yes, you’re privileged, because you’re about to hear one of our arguments. You’re welcome. J First, let me start off by bragging on my hub, so I don’t seem like some kind of bitter wife who doesn’t appreciate her hub. He’s really amazing.  He has a super odd work schedule, and still manages to work out 4 times a week. Most times, he goes to the gym early in the morning before work.  On those early mornings, he even takes out the dog. This is important, because if you have a sassy dog like mine, you know that they don’t like to be kept waiting. SO, if she doesn’t get taken out… well, let’s just say I’ll have some cleaning to do. (If you enjoy these personal stories about my life, sign up for my email list here.)

          Obviously, on his off days he likes to sleep in. I’m completely fine with that. He’s earned it. But sometimes he’ll still get up early to go to the gym, and take the dog out. He just decides based on how he feels that day, so I never know if he’s going to stay in bed, or go to the gym. Are you following me? On the days that he does decide to sleep in, all I ask is that he tells me, so I can take her out. That’s it! I’m more than willing to get up and take her out, but just TELL me! I don’t want to wake up to a not-so-welcomed surprise. If you know what I mean! Well, of course this is where the argument comes in.

          As you can imagine, we’ve had our fair share of “vigorous conversations” about this topic. Well, one day, we’re in bed and I wake up to see my hub knocked out next to me. I whisper to him, “Did you take out Rory?” He sleepily shakes his head no, and he’s off to sleep, again. I pop out of bed, all huffy with an attitude, ready to take her out myself. I throw some clothes on, and head downstairs. But right before I do, I take a detour back into the room and declare, “You know, all I ask is that you tell me if you’re not gonna take her out! I mean, it’s so much more stressful for me when you don’t. Honestly, I just don’t even know why that’s so hard.” Mind you, I’m NOT a morning person, and not that person who’s fully awake as soon as their eyes open. So, I’m pretty grumpalicious, as you can see. Not my normal self. Plus, this had happened a couple of times in the recent past. I wasn’t yelling, but I definitely had an attitude. Not something anyone would want to wake up to. Well, he gets up and says, “I actually was JUST about to get up and go to the gym, right now. You know I always take her out before the gym.” He gets out the bed, putting his clothes on all rough, clearly irritated. So, I got back in bed feeling silly, and then of course had to apologize before he left. (Email me at to have me speak to your church young adult, life group, or marriage group.)

          Now, I wasn’t feeling silly because he proved me wrong. I was feeling silly that I let myself handle the situation like that. Because, my actions made him win the argument. Lol I don’t typically get caught up in who won or lost an argument. If I’m wrong, I don’t like it, but I can take it. But this time bothered me because I am 99.99999% sure that he was not about to go to nobody’s gym that day. But because I opened my big mouth, and was rude about it, he was able to act like the scorned one. Had I just played it cool, and let him sleep in (which I’m 99.99999% sure he was gonna do), I could’ve brought it up later. And I wouldn’t have been the one at fault.
          I want to be clear, that marriage is not about who’s right or wrong. And like I said, I don’t typically get caught up in that. But it’s always nice to not be the one at fault, right? Lol But in this case, he pulled the W. I was completely in the wrong. All because I didn’t communicate well. Watch the video to the right, with a great premarital/marriage counseling tip for communication. Don’t let your attitude make you lose the argument, like me. (I kid, I kid. No keeping score!)

Driana, The Blissful Wife

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